Schedule a Demo of CADScor®System

Schedule a demo of the CADScor®System — an AI-powered acoustic diagnostic aid to rule out coronary artery disease in 10 minutes with 96% confidence.¹

During a demo, you can expect a sales representative to walk you through:

  • Presentation on the CADScor®System (virtually or in-person)
  • Step-by-step demonstration on the ease of use of the CADScor®System
  • Live patient or staff demonstration for hands-on experience with the system

Please note, demos are only available in countries where the product is authorized for sale. Countries include Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxemburg, United Kingdom and USA.

Use CADScor®System to Rule-Out CAD in Patients Experiencing Chest Pain or Shortness of Breath*

Non-invasive and radiation-free assessmentfor early rule-out of CAD.

Can help save costs of more advanced CAD diagnostics in up to 35% of patients.¹

Rapid and easy-to-use, with clear results in 10 minutes.


The CADScor®System is a point-of-care diagnostic aid that uses highly sensitive acoustics and advanced AI to analyze the patient's coronary blood flow.² In just 10 minutes, it calculates a patient specific CAD-score, indicating the patient’s risk of coronary stenosis. The CADScor®System has been used in 20,000 patient assessments³ and has CE-marking and FDA DeNovo clearance.

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  1. US user manual v.12.5, prevalence 10,7%, algorithm version US3.2
  2. Winther S, et al. Heart 2018;104:928–935 (Dan-NICAD I)
  3. Based on commercial patch use since 2017
*Rule out with 96% confidence